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I’m hard to pin down, which is to say I’m a multidisciplinary artist. Exploring digital art and photography is a big part of my process but I love the freedom and fluidity of paint mediums. As a meticulous planner, oddly, I tend to oversimplify; create images through tonal use rather than colour variations. Evoke with depth and narrative rather than drown a piece in colour… ‘let’s see the wood’ I say.

My paintings can be split three ways.

Tonal Paintings – Abstractions of feel, exploring those over simplified, muted palettes.

Loose Lines – Abstractions of places, ideas and experiences blended into distilled representations.

Graphic – heavy black line images disguised as whimsical. These are issues close to my heart. They take a great deal of planning, I work countless hours in my journal and on an iPad and desktop, simplify iconic images, contextualising, reworking and then compiling into large paintings using acrylic paint, markers and charcoal.

My pieces are painstakingly executed and prepared and are of a quality that will hold their own in any space, contact me if you have any questions.